The Power of Story

We are excited to announce that we are incorporating a new framework into our practice, developed by ARCH (Arenas For Change), that is a narrative/story centered model.

Why use STORY to help people grow and change?

  • Stories are powerful- Humans get stories! They draw us in, teach us, inspire us, resonate with us and reach us in deep ways because they activate a different part of our brain

  • By exploring story, we have the ability to gain distance from the story, explore characters, roles, locations, and the script in a way we haven’t before

  • Gaining distance from the story increases perspective and awareness (which is change) that in turn expands choice (for example, moving from a character in the story to the author)

How do horses and nature play into this?

We see each session as an opportunity to get curious with our clients about the story that's unfolding, almost like a storyboard. The natural space and the horses become part of the storyboard, sometimes explicitly part of the story and sometimes as the backdrop.

Because of the Horse's unique attributes, they have an amazing ability to help edit our stories, tell the untold story, and even become characters in the story.

We are thrilled to be able to offer this experiential narrative therapy to the greater Greenville community! Contact us today if you're interested in learning more or to schedule an appointment.

Questions to ponder:

What's your favorite story?

What story is coming to mind for you today?

What stories keep coming up for you in your own life?

Think about one of your favorite characters in a book or movie; what is it about that character that you're drawn to?

If your were to guess, what's the story of the woman in the picture above?

If you're a Christian, how do you see God's story in light of your own?

"Living a great story is about learning what it means to be human and fully alive." -Donald Miller

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