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The Power of the Herd Demo

Interested in learning more about how Equine Assisted therapy works?


We're hosting a demonstration where you can learn more about it and have a firsthand experience with the herd.


Join us on June 24th from 10:30-12:00


RSVP by June 20th to:

Kathryn- kathryndavislpc@gmail.com


Linda -864-449-8460


Are you feeling stuck in the same old relationship patterns with your kids? Have you tried talking it out, reading books or doing a parenting course but still aren’t seeing the change you desire?

Whatever your goal is as a parent, this group will help you gain insight, get grounded, and learn tools that you can take back and practice at home. If you’re feeling stuck, we want to offer you a new way to gain traction and move towards stronger relationships built on communication, compassion and trust.

Ever heard that saying “Actions speak louder than words”? Although we know that words are important, practicing new skills in real time with an emotionally safe herd is an incredibly powerful experience. Being part of a group of parents asking the same kinds of questions and practicing along with you has the ability to change you and your relationships in a way that far surpasses just talking. 

We use horses to explore parenting skills because:

  • Horses are excellent non-verbal communicators

  • Horses offer un-biased and non-judgmental feedback

  • Horses are always present with how they are feeling, and have mastered a natural way to be emotionally agile

  • Horses work as a team, but know how to prioritize self- care

  • Horses serve as human mirrors; they reflect human behavior so that we can gain insight into our thoughts, patterns and behavior

  • Horses understand Boundaries

Group Details:

  • Open group on Thursdays from 12:00- 1:15 starting April 22nd!

  • Led by Kathryn Davis, LPC and Linda Yopp, Equine Specialist

  • Members must RSVP 1 week in advance of the group they want to attend to reserve their spot, and the group will be kept at 6 parents per group due to covid

  • Cost is $70 per person/group

If interested, contact Kathryn at 864-877-7025 ext. 703 (or kathryndavislpc@gmail.com), or Linda at 864-449-8460 by ….. to join!


IMG_9111 copy.jpg

Led by Grounded Strides Counseling, LLC

 Kathryn Davis, Licensed Professional Counselor

 Linda Yopp, Equine Specialist and Certified Equine Alchemy Life coach

 Age 12-15 - June 7-9 from 9-2pm (please bring a packed lunch)

 Age 16-19 - July 19-21 from 9-2pm 

 Cost: $250 per session (early bird price)

              $275 after May 1st

              $50 non-refundable deposit reserves your spot

Location: Mckittrick Farm @ 118 Chapman Grove Road, Pelzer SC 29669 (right down the street from Happy Cow) *The group will be limited to 8 girls, so sign up today by calling or emailing Kathryn Davis at (864)877-7025 ext. 703 or kathryndavislpc@gmail.com


Mother and Daughter in Farm

Girls Rule! Summer Camp





  • problem solving

  • self care

  • body image

  • connection

Now more than ever, we know that adolescent girls are feeling tremendous anxiety and pressure from culture, friends, social media, and this past year with covid.

This summer, we’ve created an energizing and inspiring space for them to:

  • connect more deeply with who they truly are

  • to let go of the pressure

  • learn essential social/emotional skills that they can take back into their everyday life


Come join us for a fun-filled, action packed 3-day camp for adolescent girls; the first session is for ages 12-15 and the second session will be for age 16-19. Each day will be focused on 2-3 social/emotional skills that they will learn through hands on experiences with the horses including:

  • emotional awareness

  • healthy communication

  • boundaries

Horses provides girls with a fantastic unique opportunity to see themselves more clearly because horses provide non-judgmental, real time feedback that can help them gain the awareness needed to change and grow. The power of horse is that instead of talking it out, teens get to “walk it out.” No horse experience is necessary, just a willingness to show up, and have an open, curious attitude.

June 7-9: Age 12-15 from 9am-2pm (please bring a packed lunch)

July 19-21: Age 16-19 from 9am-2pm (please bring packed lunch)

Cost: $250  (early bird price)

$275 after May 1st

$50 non-refundable deposit reserves your spot

Location: 118 Chapman Grove Road, Pelzer SC 29669 (right down the road from Happy Cow)

*The group will be limited to 8 so sign up today!

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